Akos J.Sollar

sculpor/painter/graphic artist

Born: yes

Art studies: Academie des beaux Arts (prof. Couturier) Paris,France

Acadeny of fine arts (prof.Nitchowa) Warsaw,Polen

Konstfack, Academy of Arts &Crafts (prof.Pernew) Stockholm, Sweden

Solo exhibitions of all over the world, Sweden, France, USA,Costa rica, etc.

Art teacher in artistic anatomy, figurdrawing, sculptor, art history

Great versatility, covering monumental painting, murals, all fresco/al secco 3-dem works/relif's,sculpture, indoorbuttons, decoration likewise, portrait both sculptur and painting, illustrations, cartoons "Sans Parole", litographyand other graphics, theater decoration, design, lecturing ....

Rootless, lives in Costa Rica, Usa, Europa

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